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What am I here for? A small business owner

In 2019 I started my journey as a small business owner and found myself in love with the world that is entrepreneurship. Making my own schedule, designing my brand, marketing, all of it! I even took courses to learn how to better my business. In early 2020 like most others my business was forced to close and I was quarantined. Working from home prior to lock-down put me at an advantage (I think) because I already had a semi-established all day home routine. My boyfriend had an opportunity to move us out to Grande Prairie and our move was halted by Nova Scotia closing the boarders. Thankfully we were able to get Andy back here in time and we rode out quarantine together.

During the initial weeks of quarantine, I tried my best to keep to a schedule. I find I just function better. Once I started falling out of routine I decided I needed to find a hobby other than Animal Crossing. A few DIY's later, I made my first scrunchies and sold them to some friends and family. After doing this for 2/3 weeks I found myself wanting to do more and get my hands on a good sewing machine. Learning how to handle it was a shift but it increased my productivity and enabled me to create new items.

Once I felt like I had enough interest I made a new Instagram for LZ Linen. Shortly after, I took a dive and bought a year subscription for a website and domain... I flip flopped back and forth for a few days before I launched it eventually and finally just did it. The first few weeks were a huge learning curve and continue to be. I don't think I have ever had this much fun working, and now every day I am excited to get started.

One of my primary values as a small business owner is to support other small businesses. I purchase all of my supplies and materials locally from small shops, and do my best to keep my personal purchases as local as possible. I have become very close with some small biz owners, the love and support between women in business is truly terrific. After purchasing from a few incredible local and small businesses over the last few weeks I find myself wanting to give all of my praise to them in whatever way possible! I hope to post regularly about my finds from small businesses in Canada. Keep up to date and maybe you'll find your new favourite thing! Thank you for shopping small <3


I want to also add a Small Biz Startup Support section. If you are interested in this, let me know! I'm no professional but I'm learning as I'm going. Hopefully I can give you some tips to start off with so maybe you won't have the same hurdles I did! (Not that you won't have hurdles... don't expect that!)

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