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How I source my materials


Something that is incredibly important to me is where I get my supplies. Fabric, thread, packaging, even down to branding supplies (business cards, ink stamps, stickers, etc). I made the decision to solely source everything I need from small and local businesses to best support other entrepreneurs as I grow my own business. When I wanted to take a step toward more sustainability, I found the opportunity to purchase fabric directly from small shop owners' personal stashes and knew it was the right move. I wanted to continue to support other entrepreneurs while not buying brand new fabric and I did just that! Other up-cycled fabrics are from huge piles headed to the landfill and turned into accessories just for you. Thank you for allowing me to continue living my passions and dreams running my own business while supporting other people like me!

Supporting entrepreneurs through a vulnerable lens

When it comes to being online I like to be as honest as possible. It can be really isolating as a business owner, bouncing between highs and lows and dealing with personal issues at the same time can be draining. I noticed a lot of people felt the same as me so sharing my experiences became both a therapeutic outlet as well a safe place for others. I value sharing behind the scenes to increase transparency, but it also helps me connect with all of you! The human experience is different for everyone but there are so many things we can relate to that make us remember we are just that: human. 

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