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my mission

supporting other entrepreneurs through vulnerability and honesty

Hi! I'm so glad you're here to learn more about me and my business. Like many others, I lost my day job due to the pandemic. Before I was sewing, I was gluing eyelashes on beautiful faces all day long! I really enjoyed the lash application but even more so the entrepreneurship and creativity behind it all. I became bored very quickly into not working, and decided to try a few DIY's to keep myself busy. My crafty side has always been more of a guilty habit, spending too much on projects to never pick up again. Instead of letting this happen, I put my money where my mouth was and jumped into learning how to sell online. Scrunchies were a hit and masks came naturally as the restrictions in Nova Scotia increased. I learned a lot by blindly jumping into things, and now I feel comfortable enough to share all of this with my followers to hopefully inspire others. I wanted to support small from the beginning, sourcing all of my materials from small and local here in Halifax. The further along my journey I got, the more entrepreneurs I was able to support by purchasing from their businesses and uplifting them through being vulnerable on social media. Building this business has taught me so much about myself I've met so many inspiring people along the way. I enjoy sharing behind the scenes and personal advice on social media, so if that is something you're interested in check out my Instagram. 

All materials I use are sourced from small and local businesses across the Maritimes. This may be more expensive for me but supporting small is crucial during these times!

Location Mark

You can find LZ Linen at Twiggz in Mic Mac Mall, The Underground Wax bar, in-store at Eunoia lifestyle, Gravity Beauty Lounge, Otis & Clementines' monthly subscription box and of course here on my website. Custom orders are welcome and wholesale options available!

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